Ian Neilson Nature Photographer
Photography is both an art and a science. Photography allows us to express our feelings, emotions and our creativity, but to do so we need to master the scientific part of the medium. Unlike a creative painter artist, who is in direct contact with the subject and the canvas, a photographer is separated from the subject by the camera and from the "canvas" by computers, software and printers in the modern digital darkroom.

Award - Winning  Scottish Nature Photographer

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Lesser Yellow Legs  "Ballet Dancer"
This photograph was chosen by Hoya Lenses, Photokina, Germany The best overall bird photograph 2012
"Female Snowy Owl Saying Goodbye"
​This photograph has been chosen from the Greenpeace Photo Competition 2013, and is December of the Greenpeace Desk Calendar 2014
Lesser Yellowlegs "Ballet Dancer"
This photo was chosen at Photokina, Germany 2012 as the best bird photograph in
​the Hoya Filters Competition​.
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